For Your Tomorrows

Embark on a 300-page adventure that proves love can pierce through barbed wire. Inspired by true events of captivity and survival in Nazi Germany, “For Your Tomorrows” is a gripping tale where hope and love endures even the most formidable odds. Experience this unforgettable journey of resilience and passion.

For Your Tomorrows is an new novel that I have written. The final draft is  complete.

I am currently collaborating with a Manuscript Assessor to refine and tighten the plot, ensuring a captivating read. The book is anticipated to be ready for final editing by October 2024.

At that stage, I will engage a copy editor for further refinements and be seeking a Literary Agent and a Publisher eager to bring this compelling story to readers everywhere.

If you are a Literary Agent or Work in the publishing industry, or know someone who does, please contact me for more details email the Author  [email protected]

Website Live

It’s quite peculiar because my day job involves owning and running a company that builds websites for other businesses. However, creating the site for my book, “For Your Tomorrows,” proved to be quite...

Book Cover Design

I have been working on the cover design, though a publisher may choose to use a different one. I thought I would explain the elements that have been incorporated to convey the book’s story journey...